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At ServiceMaster Restore, we make it our business not just to get you back in operation, but to keep your business running. When a severe weather event occurs, we respond with the strength of 65+ years of experience and a commitment to guide you throughout the process. Categorized as severe weather events, thunderstorms, flooding, hail storms and tornadoes are the most frequent causes of weather-related property damage. For businesses, severe weather can shut down operations by causing roof damage, water intrusion and even structural harm.


Severe thunderstorms generate wind gusts greater than 57.5 mph. Winds of this speed can damage shingles, break windows, knock down trees and leave your business susceptible to water damage. At ServiceMaster Restore, we carefully monitor every severe thunderstorm and weather event that happens throughout the country. Day or night, we respond quickly to get the job done and stay by your side until you’re satisfied with the results.


In the right conditions, storms can generate immense amounts of precipitation that quickly saturates the ground, overwhelms drainage systems, and swells waterways. Rapidly rising water can easily inundate businesses, where it may stay for hours or days before receding. As an experienced leader in commercial water mitigation, we won’t rest until your property is restored to its original condition. From drying, to removing damaged materials, to fighting microbial growth, we set the standard in setting things right.


Hail storms can cause immense damage to the structure of your property, ranging from creating vulnerabilities in the protection of shingles or siding to clear holes in your roof, windows, or walls. At ServiceMaster Restore, we quickly respond to hail damage claims and provide temporary tarping and board-up solutions. While all our locations treat water damage, some of our locations even offer roof inspections and contracting of roof replacement.


The experts at ServiceMaster Restore have responded to some of the worst tornado disasters in our country’s history. We leverage our real world experience to quickly assess your situation, determine the extent of the damage and do whatever it takes to get your business back to pre-loss condition.

Do you have a pre-loss plan in place? Learn how ServiceMaster Restore works closely with you to create a pre-loss plan that is tailored to the specific needs of your company.

We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive range of water damage services.

Getting you back in business after severe weather We understand how difficult it is to face destruction after a severe storm. Wind damage, heavy rainfall, extreme hail and even thunderstorms can wreak havoc, forcing you to close your doors for days, weeks or even months until your building and its contents have been fully restored. We know that every second your doors are closed matters. If you aren’t sure how to start restoring your business after a storm, let the ServiceMaster Restore experts help.

We’re available 24/7 to be at your side right when you need us. Using our innovative technologies and commitment to quality workmanship, we’ll work with you to create a customized, comprehensive restoration plan to get your business back on its feet. That way, you don’t lose any more days of productivity or profit. Count on us to guide you through disaster and come out on top.